Here’s why and how XVictus was born

Like many of you, we were seduced by the Picpoto Project (PPO) and its potential. Although promising, the project quickly began to raise doubts about the team’s ability to deliver a functional product that would meet the legitimate expectations of the community. Since the lead developer was not giving any more news about the progress of the project, the community realized that the PPO project as we knew it was virtually… dead.

Following the failure of PPO and the widespread disappointment of investors, several community members decided to join forces to define the basis of a project takeover that would put in the hands of existing investors a solid project. This is how was born the PPO Community Takeover.

After analysis of the work done so far by the former PPO team, we quickly realized that it would be quite simple to replicate what had been achieved so far and even continue in the same direction (Picpoto Marketplace). On the other hand, we felt a lack of enthusiasm from the community about the original business case and we identified several issues related to its feasibility and sustainability in the longer term.

After several discussions with members of the community and the transition team, it was determined that the best strategy was to build a brand new project, whose business case would be defined and developed with the help of the community. A project that everyone would be proud of, a unifying project that would meet the expectations of present and future investors.

It was therefore necessary to create a new identity for the Takeover project. A strong identity that would be synonymous with hard work, victory, courage and tenacity, representing the community’s ability not only to overcome the failure of PPO, but also its willingness to leverage lessons learned to build an even more promising project. Several good proposals were launched and had to respect clear selection criteria: a simple and evocative name — ideally unique — a domain name in “.com” available and no reference to a specific domain to allow the selection of any business case.

When the term “Invictus” was proposed by a member of the team, we knew that we had something promising in our hands. In Latin, “invictus” means “unconquerable” or “undefeated”. We felt that this term would be unifying and would appeal to the community that joined us and instantly adopted the announcement of the Takeover. On the other hand, the domain name in “.com” was not available. Someone suggested to change the name slightly … and that’s how “XVictus” was born. And believe us: the “X” promises many conquests!